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I’m Fine, Thanks…..Are You Sure?

Now, before you go looking up the definitions of “apathy” and “calamity”, let me list them out for you. Apathy: Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.   Calamity: An event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress, or severe affliction; a disaster What Inspired This Article The motivation for writing […]

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Why You Need To Get Out From Behind Your Computer To Benefit From Social Networking

The core of my business is conducted online and as a result, I spend countless hours online building my network on Linkedin, friending people on Facebook and following people on Twitter.  And, in doing so, I also spend a considerable amount of time engaging in conversations online, making introductions and producing content for all of […]

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Vancouver Sunset Videos – October 2010

After months of frustrating search for the perfect apartment in Vancouver, I thought I would never find a place that I’d be happy to call home.  After a solid weekend of knocking on doors and touring weathered, beat down apartments, I got lucky and found a great building on Beach Avenue.  The apartment was on […]

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