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I’m Fine, Thanks…..Are You Sure?

Now, before you go looking up the definitions of “apathy” and “calamity”, let me list them out for you. Apathy: Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.   Calamity: An event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress, or severe affliction; a disaster What Inspired This Article The motivation for writing […]

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The 8 Irresistible Principles of Fun

I came across this video randomly when searching for more inspirational videos to add to my blog. The video was produced in 2006 (very impressive animation for 2006!) and includes a powerful message that will get you thinking about what is important in life. When it comes down to it, what do you stand for? […]

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JK Wedding Entrance Dance

I had seen this one before, but didn’t realize it was popular enough to make the Top 20 list! Very inspirational to think that this kind of buzz can be created with a simple hand held video camera and an idea! Check out the Viral Video Chart here:

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