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Ustream iPhone app review

While putting in a few hours the other day to research new technologies I may want to incorporate into social media future projects, my colleague, Mike Olaski, came across a the new Ustream iPhone app.  Of course, we had to test this out, but didn’t have high expectations as most new high-tech apps always have […]

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HNIC (NHL – Inside Hockey) – The Effects of Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networking Websites

While researching the latest news surround Social Media in Sports, I came across this video produced by Hockey Night in Canada (Inside Hockey). In the video, Elliotte Friedman (HNIC Reporter) talks about the impact social media is having on sports and the NHL in particular. Some key points from the video include: Tampa Bay Lightning […]

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Video Interview at Sports Media Challenge office

On my travels during the Sport-Fan Connection Tour (, I made my way down to Charlotte, NC to meet with Kathleen Hessert and all the great people at Sports Media Challenge. They are doing some exciting things there around social media training, strategy, audits and monitoring (BuzzManager). Jackie Adkins (Media Analyst w/ SMC) asked me […]

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