Speaking Testimonials

Paul Swangard - Warsaw Sports Marketing Center - University of Oregon - Managing Director

I found his advice not only good for my students, but also myself. He lead a fast paced, interactive session and I think everyone saw immediate benefits from his suggestions.

Greg Hounslow – WestJet – Emerging Media Advisor

“I met Trevor while monitoring the WestJet Twitter account in late 2009 and had no idea that I would be speaking beside him at a Social Media Breakfast about a year later. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Trevor and to have had the opportunity to discuss social media and personal branding with him on numerous occasions over the past 2 years.

Trevor is a very experienced, driven and professional individual and has a thorough knowledge of how to integrate sports teams, players and their personal brands into the social media realm. I can confidently recommend him as an external consultant or internal team member to any organization that is looking to improve their social marketing strategy.

Trevor is also a very engaging speaker and I wouldn’t hesitate to speak with him again in the future. I highly recommend inviting him to speak at any event.”

Jen Schaeffers – SportBC – Director of Marketing & Communications

“I hired Trevor to speak to 30 + Provincial Sport Organizations on the importance of Social Media in sports and how they could use social media channels to further the goals of their organizations.

Trevor came with glowing references and I understand why now. He was extremely professional, personable and prepared. Trevor did a lot of due diligence in building his presentation for this audience. In my mind, he went way beyond of what I would have expected. He is very engaging and is an expert in his field. He is very creative and strategic.

Trevor’s presentation was excellent and we received very positive feedback from all attendees. I have been to many social media presentations myself and came away with at least 10 new things I didn’t know and I would consider myself well versed in this industry.

Download Reference Letter - Sport BC Reference Letter

Richard Gilbert – Rotory Club Vancouver Chinatown - Past President

Johannes Weinmar – Rotory Club Vancouver Chinatown – Director of Service Projects


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