Past Presentations

Below is a sample of the presentations I have delivered over the past couple of years.  Every presentation I deliver is customized to the audience I am speaking to. Let’s chat about putting together an outline that will meet your goals and keep your audience engaged.

From Awkward To Awesome Networking Tips For Athletes

GamePlanLogoIf you are like most people, the idea of networking with strangers brings up fears, cold sweats and anxiety….but it doesn’t have to be like this. No matter what stage of life you are in, your ability to network with others will be the difference maker in the success of your current and future career aspirations.

The truth is, networking doesn’t have to be awkward. In fact, it can be quite awesome if approached the right way with the right intention. Even if you are an extreme introvert, you will walk away from this presentation with networking tips & tricks that will help you enter a room with confidence and leave with a handful of business cards, new relationships built and opportunities to follow up on!

Social Media & Networking for Sports Professionals

Are you using social media to help you land your next (or first) job in sports?  If not, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to leverage social networking to grow your network and land your dream job in the sports industry!  In this presentation Trevor spoke to Sports MBA students at the University of Oregon: Warsaw Sports Marketing Center about how they can leverage Linkedin to:

  • Build their network in the sports industry
  • Connect with top sports executives
  • Launch and build their personal brand in sports
  • Land their dream job in sports


It Takes a Cyber-Village: How Social Media Builds Community Online

Canadian-Sponsorship-Forum-logoDuring the 2013 Canadian Sponsorship Forum, Trevor conducted a roundtable session about the role social media can play in “Building Community” online. The discussion drew upon some key examples of social media initiatives seen in the sports industry and followed with Trevor’s insights about how social media strategies can help organizations grow their online presence. Delegates joined in the conversation, examined trends and stats associated with social media, and explored the notion that all community-driven sponsorships should include social media in their strategies.


Social Media for Sponsors: Leveraging The Professional Athlete Brand Online

With social media, athletes now have access to powerful tools to build their personal brands. Athletes are negotiating greater contractual freedom to build and leverage their own personalities beyond the team they represent. Concurrently, we are entering the “post‐privacy”era. Nothing happens outside of camera range. If an athlete brushes off a fan’s request for an autograph, stumbles drunkenly out of a bar or gives a passerby the finger, you can bet that it will be Tweeted within minutes and grainy cellphone footage will find its way onto YouTube within hours.

Canadians have an ambivalent relationship with celebrity culture. We respect Sidney Crosby (because he doesn’t take himself too seriously) but mock Celine Dion (because she does). For athletes seeking to build a personal brand, for sponsors seeking to leverage the athlete brand, and for NFPs seeking alignment with an athlete, there are opportunities and there are pitfalls

Professional Athletes & Social Media

Social media has democratized the way consumers interact with brands.  Trevor Turnbull joined a panel of Vancouver’s top social media experts to listen, discuss and share tactics to take your sport marketing plan to the next level.  In this presentation, Trevor discusses the impact of social media as it relates to Professional Athletes.  The other presenters at this event included:


The Power of Social Media For Amateur & Non-Profit Sports

Trevor Turnbull, Founder of T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing, delivered this presentation to over 40 Executives, Directors and Marketing Coordinators that represent the Provincial Sport Organizations in British Columbia.

A leader and an advocate for amateur sport across the province, Sport BC is a driving force in bringing healthy living and sport to the forefront for British Columbians. With a legacy stretching back over forty years, Sport BC continues to propel participation in organized sport provincially, bringing the power of sport to more than 650,000 sport participants and building strong, healthy individuals and communities.

In this presentation, Trevor reviews the following:

  • Why should amateur and non-profit sports organizations engage in social media?
  • The importance of finding and listening to conversations online around your sport
  • How to engage in and lead conversation around your sport online
  • Ways an integrated marketing strategy can add value to your sponsorship packages
  • Leveraging social media to benefit from social fundraising

Download SportBC Reference Letter – Sport BC Reference Letter


The Power of Social Media for Sports Events

Sports Executives Association logoTrevor Turnbull delivered this presentation to the members of the Sports Executives Association (SEA). The SEA is a new place to learn from sports industry pros, advance your sports career and build a more powerful network. This is a site for sports executives looking to improve their business or place in the industry. It’s also a forum where you can share ideas and get qualified referrals from a trusted community.

In this presentation, Trevor reviews the following:

  • The importance of online event branding and what not to do
  • Why you need to monitor online conversations around your event and how to respond
  • How influencers and online contests can help build buzz for your event
  • How an integrated marketing strategy can add value to your sponsorship packages
  • Strategies to leverage fan generated content before, during and after your event

Click here to join the Sports Executives Association.


How Social Media Is Impacting The Sports Industry

Trevor Turnbull presented at the first Social Media Breakfast – Edmonton hosted at CBC Community Space. Trevor profiled how social media is impacting the sports industry by showcasing case study examples that show how athletes, teams and leagues are leveraging these social tools in an attempt to create a deeper connection with their fans while attracting a new generation of sports fans and opening up new revenue opportunities.

Sports are inherently social.  Almost everyone has an athlete, team or sport they support.  And, fans love to share their opinions, both positive and critical, with friends, family, strangers at bars and around the water cooler with co-workers. Over the past few years, thousands of athletes, teams and leagues have embraced social networks like Facebook and Twitter to provide behind the scenes access and up-to-the minute info to eager sports fans across the globe.

Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity for athletes, teams and leagues to further connect with their fan base. And this connection is creating a tremendous opportunity for sponsors looking to ride the wave of influence these sports entities have over their fan base.


Social Media Customer Service & Crisis Management

When most people think about the advantages of using social media for business, they immediately think of the sales and marketing benefits. And, although social media has opened up many opportunities to sell and market businesses online, social media can also be used as a tool for listening and providing customer service. After all, savvy consumers don’t trust marketing- they trust their peers.

This presentation is about whether you or your organization cares to be involved or not with your audience. If you choose not to be involved, you will lose control of the conversation about your product or business. In today’s world, trust can take years to build but can be eroded away in one Tweet!

Greg Hounslow (Emerging Media Advisor – WestJet) and Trevor Turnbull (President – T3 CONNECT Consulting) share insights on why businesses shouldn’t fear social media and how it can be used to build trust through transparency and engagement. They present examples of social media disasters, how they could have been avoided and what to do when they can’t be avoided.

Greg and Trevor have a unique story that you don’t want to miss! You will walk away from this presentation inspired by the power of social media and will hear first hand how WestJet uses social media as a crisis management tool when situations erupt around their brand.


WestJet Webinar – A Social Media Success Story

If you or your company are not using social media yet, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to network and market your business. For many people, the biggest challenge is knowing where to start and how to manage your time efficiently. Maybe you’re a small business owner looking for new ways to market your business on a limited budget. Or, perhaps you are a marketing professional working for a large or small organization and you’ve been thrown into the role of “Social Media Expert”? Either way, you are going to want to check out this FREE webinar replay with Greg Hounslow, Emerging Media Advisor for WestJet. In this exclusive webinar hosted by Social Connect Blueprint, you will learn:

  • Understand how WestJet has used Twitter to build relationships with their customers through engagement, exclusive offers and contests
  • Find out why WestJet chose to drive traffic to YouTube, rather than to their corporate website, in their current “Care-antee��������� advertising campaign
  • Find out which social media tools WestJet uses to engage with their client base and learn how to integrate the same social media tools into your own business marketing strategy
  • Understand why you need to focus on building relationships with social media rather than trying to outright sell your products and services
  • Learn how to grow a loyal army of social media advocates that will help you promote your business…..for FREE!
  • Understand how to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy, even if you only have a few minutes a day


Minnesota Wild Partner Summit

Trevor Turnbull was asked to speak at the Minnesota Wild Partner Summit in May 2010 to talk about the changing landscape of Sports and Social Media.

  • The Social Media Revolution (Statistics & Trends)
  • How Brands are Becoming Media
  • Social Media and NHL teams
  • Sponsorship and Social Media Integration – Opportunities for the Wild and their Corporate Partners
  • Upcoming Trends and Forecasts for Social Media and Sponsorships
  • Building and Measuring Social Media ROI


SMBYYC – Sports & Social Media Case Studies

Trevor Turnbull presented at the Social Media Breakfast – Calgary hosted at the Jaymon Homes Theatre.  Trevor talked about his experience consulting with sports teams, athletes and events.  He discussed the impact that social media is having on the sports world by showcasing case studies from his own personal consulting experience:


Social Media Bootcamp – Basic Training for Beginners

Trevor Turnbull and Ryan Lejbak (zu CEO) explore how strategic use of social media tools can help you monitor and engage your audience. They take you across the key social media platforms, providing tips and tools you can use to develop a successful strategy. In addition, this webcast provides current examples of how companies are integrating social media tools into their online marketing strategy.



Social Media for Sports

Trevor Turnbull explains how the strategic use of social media tools in professional sports can boost your brand, expand your marketing reach, engage your fan base and create new sources of online revenue.

Mike Petrie, Director of Community and Media Relations for the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders, reveals how the team bolstered sponsorship opportunities and garnered international brand recognition by implementing a social media strategy into its marketing mix.

Special guest speaker Kathleen Hessert, President of Sports Media Challenge, joins the panel to demonstrate why social media is critical for sports teams to embrace; how they can implement social media tools to build relationships and monitor conversations; and share her success stories as an international social media consultant whose clients have included Shaquille O’Neal, Danica Patrick, The PGA of America, and others.