Video Interview at Sports Media Challenge office

On my travels during the Sport-Fan Connection Tour (, I made my way down to Charlotte, NC to meet with Kathleen Hessert and all the great people at Sports Media Challenge. They are doing some exciting things there around social media training, strategy, audits and monitoring (BuzzManager).

Jackie Adkins (Media Analyst w/ SMC) asked me to summarize my travels and tell all their followers about Sport Fan Connect. Here’s a link to the article they posted on their BuzzManager blog and here’s the video posted on YouTube:

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One Response to Video Interview at Sports Media Challenge office

  1. monica mamer November 26, 2009 at 8:16 pm #

    Hi Trevor…. we were watching this vid with your mom at work …we wanted to know how many beers you had the night before…LOL j/k Goodwill staff

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