trevorturnbull-webres-3995Trevor Turnbull is an Online Reputation Specialist, Social Media Educator, Linkedin Trainer, Podcast Host and Speaker that has been quoted in numerous publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star discussing the value of networking and how social media is impacting the way people do business today.

Trevor is the founder of Linked Into Leads, a LinkedIn lead generation, training and consulting company that finds, qualifies and connects clients to their target audience using the #1 network for business professionals. He is also the co-founder of NetworkingInVan.com, the premier destination for business professionals, entrepreneurs and students to learn valuable networking tips and stay up to date on the top networking events in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

As the founder of Legacy After The Game, Trevor Turnbull provides empowering social media & leadership education to athletes, coaches and sports professionals so they can control their brand, build their career and shape their legacy after the game ends.

As the former COO of Sports Networker and the Sports Executives Association, he helped current and aspiring sports business professionals take their sports career to the next level and is responsible for growing the largest sports industry focused group on Linkedin (Sports Industry Network) that is currently at 196,000+ members and growing every day.

Trevor is also a past contributing writer on Entrepreneur.com where he provided entrepreneurs and small business owners with informative content on the topics of management, leadership, teamwork, innovation, growth, marketing and sales using lessons that can be learned from the world of sports and applying them to “real world” business challenges.

As a Linkedin Trainer and Social Media Speaker, Trevor has presented to a wide audience on the value of social media for both individuals and businesses. His diverse background and “non-techie” presentation style allows him to bridge the generational gap between the “traditional” and the “new media” opportunities in personal branding, networking, marketing, sales and sponsorship.

Trevor not only teaches others how to leverage the power of social media, he also practices what he preaches and has seen the benefits of strategically using Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to build his own personal brand, connect with influencers and grow his numerous businesses.

He is a lifelong sports fan that has competed at a high level of competitive sports including participation in the CIS University Cup as a member of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies hockey program. He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan – College of Commerce program with a major in Marketing.

The Beginning Of A New Chapter

In September of 2009, I set off on an adventure that would change my life forever. I quit my job at an interactive agency and dove head first into my passion for sports.  I didn’t know where it would take me, I just new that I needed to follow the opportunity that opened up for me as a result of using social media to connect with influencers in the sports industry.  This video was the very first one I ever recorded announcing my upcoming “Sport Fan Connect” tour.  It is a constant reminder to me to continue following my dreams….even when I don’t know where it’s going to take me and how it’s going to end.  After all…it’s all about the journey, waking up with a smile on your face and knowing that you are truly doing what makes you most happy! :)

My Entrepreneurial Journey From 2003 – 2017

Fast forward to June 2017 and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stefan James of Project Life Mastery.  During this interview Stefan and I talk about my “entrepreneurial journey” over the last 15 years that has included:

During this interview, I spoke about the path I took to build a successful business (and all the failures and challenges along the way) which has allowed me to choose my own hours, spend more time with my family and help entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals grow their business leveraging the power of LinkedIn.  I hope my story can be an inspiration for others that know they have an entrepreneurial spirit inside them (but don’t know where to begin).  In summary, what I’ve learned over the years is that you need to fully commit to shifting your mindset on what’s possible.  At first, changing your life might seem daunting and perhaps impossible.  But, consistent work and openness to shift and adjust when adversity and failures arise is the key to success (as well as getting focused…..don’t get overwhelmed by “everything” you could do….pick one thing and get really good at it and expand from there).